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Terms and Conditions

Train in Spain rental terms and conditions

A client renting a bike from Train in Spain (hirer) does so under the following terms and conditions:

Payment: The full rental amount has to be paid at the moment of completing the booking form. The hirer is required to present their Passport or Residency Card. A deposit of 100 € or credit card number will be deposited at the moment the bicycle is collected. The person signing the rental contract must be over the age of 18 and is responsible for all equipment rented. Returning the bikes before end of contract: There is no refund for bicycles returned before the end of the rental contract. Returning the bikes after the stipulated time on the contract will be penalized with 6,00 € an hour, or fraction.

Cancellation of a bike reservation:

Cancellations until 30 days before the first rental day the total amount paid will be returned. Cancellations 29 days until 15 days 50% of the amount paid will be returned. Cancellations 14 days until 7 days 20% of the amount paid will be returned. Cancellations made in less than 7 days will incur a charge to the client of 100% of the total reservation fee.

Delivery Service:

Delivery and pick up service is from our Café Ciclista premises. Hotel delivery can be arranged within the Denia area where Train in Spain is based.

Rented Equipment:

Bicycles and equipment hired on a rental agreement remain the property of Train in Spain. The rented bicycle can only be used by the person that is indicated in the rental contract. The hirer is obliged to take good care of the bicycle taking all precautions necessary to protect the bike from damages, loss or robbery. At the end of the rental period a representative of Train in Spain, at the return of the bicycle, will determine the condition of the rented equipment and if necessary, evaluate any losses or damages occurred. Should any of the above occur during the rental period, the hirer is immediately and totally responsible for all costs pertaining to the equipment damaged or lost and is set with the present market price. Insurance is available at time of booking.

Handing over the bike:

The hirer receives the bike in a perfect technical, safe and clean condition. The hirer checks this condition immediately and confirms it with his signature on the rental contract. The bicycles must be returned in the same condition in which they left the shop. The bicycle is prohibited for off-road use. The hirer agrees at this moment to be responsible in case of theft of the bicycle and must indemnify the wholesale cost of the bike to Train in Spain.

Liability in case of accident:

The hirer must have coverage through their own accident and/or liability insurance. It is reccomended to carry insurance and identification documents while riding the bike. Train in Spain is not liable in any accident or damage to the hirer or caused to third parties. Helmet use is mandatory in Spain but is not provided with the bike hire. It’s the hirer’s responsibility to use the helmet or not, and this can affect any claims in case of accident. In cases of emergency and accidents the police number is 112. It is always advisable to have a mobile phone with you.

Civil Responsability and Limitations:

The hirer is responsible for respecting the existing traffic laws in Spain. The hirer is responsible for all damages that occur whether to himself or anyone else within the rental period. Train in Spain is not responsible for any claims by third parties regarding accidents, wounds, blows or damages caused by the hirer nor to their property, or loss of objects for whatever reason outside of the control of Train in Spain.

This contract conforms to Spanish law. The hirer agrees that this contract is binding on his family, his heirs, his legal assigns and his administrators and executors. The place of jurisdiction being exclusively in Spain.


DNI/Passport/Residency card:
Deposit of 100€ YES NO
Expire date:
EQUIPMENT Computer, pump, saddle bag (contents 1 tube, 2 levers) and 2 bottle holders.



I am 18 years of age or older. I have fully read and understood these conditions and the terms of liability and waiver of claims before signing this form.